Massecuite Reheater


A massecuite reheater is used in a continuous process to reheat the massecuite that has just been obtained from the Vertical Crystallizer, in order  to make the separation of crystals from the mother liquor in the centrifugal machine  easier.

We manufacture C-Massecuite reheaters designed to efficiently heat the massecuite by effectively increasing the surface area of the hot water tubes using fins. 



  • High heat transfer coefficient due to improved massecuite flow velocity
  • High heating surface to volume ratio
  • Simple construction
  • Compact design
  • No “dead spot” therefore no “channeling”
  • Uniform heat distribution 
  • Provides rapid heating 
  • Fully controlled construction prevents contamination of product
  • Easy to install
  • Sturdy structure
  • Heats to optimum temperature and viscosity for curing at centrifugal
  • The tubes are fixed and welded outside so it is easy to maintain


  • JDW SML Unit-1
  • JDW SML Unit-2
  • JDW SML Unit-3
  • Faran SML
  • JK SML
  • Gulf SML
  • Ramzan SML