Rotary Drum Vacuum Filter


A rotary cane mud vacuum filter is used in a continuous process for desweetening and dewatering the mud that is separated from the juice in the clarifier.

We manufacture mud filters optimally designed to increase the capacity of mud filtering station and ensure recovery of sucrose by washing which results in increased profitability of sugar operations. The filter valve with streamlined passages and a system to sweep moisture from piping creating vacuum results in the high operating efficiency. 






  • High mud filtering capacity
  • Compact design
  • Easy to install
  • Sturdy structure
  • Low energy consumption
  • Easy maintenance


  • Digri ML
  • Ramzan SML
  • Adam SML
  • Safina SML
  • Haq Bahu SML
  • Etihad SML
  • Mirpurkhas SML