SS Jan Kin Vertical Type Dryer


SS Jan Kin is a vertical type dryer used in continuous process to dry the sugar crystals coming from the centrifugal machine. It ensures production of fine crystals by effecting process of drying.

We manufacture compactly designed vertical dryers to reduce crystal damage and dust formation, which results in a better quality yield of sugar crystals. This is achieved by making short falls in the dryer.



  • High quality crystals
  • Optimal yield of crystals
  • Compact design
  • Grease lubricated
  • Single jacketed coned basket
  • Easy to install
  • Sturdy structure
  • Low energy consumption


  • Ashraf SML
  • Gulf SML
  • Madina SML
  • Haq Bahu SML
  • Indus SML
  • Rasool Nawaz SML
  • Mirza SML
  • Layyah SML
  • Colony SML
  • Chashma SML Unit-2
  • Husein SML
  • JDW SML Unit-2
  • JDW SML Unit-3
  • Hamza SML
  • Sheikhoo SML
  • Almoiz SML Unit-1
  • Almoiz SML Unit-2
  • JDW SML Unit-1
  • Ramzan SML
  • JK SML