A valve is a device that regulates flow of materials (gases, liquids, slurries, fluidized solids) by opening, closing or partially obstructing passageways.

We manufacture three types of rubber seated globe valves listed below.
  • Angle valve (One way)
  • Two way valve
  • Three way valve
They are equipped with a seat flange, S.S seat ring, thrust ball bearings and a guide square bar. We also fabricate the following valves.
  • Iris valve (Star valve)
  • Duplex valve
  • Non return valve
  • Pan discharge valve


  • Easy maintenance
  • High product quality
  • Compact design
  • Compact design
  • Easy to install
  • Sturdy structure
  • Low energy consumption


  • Haq Bahu SML
  • Layyah SML
  • Safina SML
  • Etihad SML
  • Indus SML
  • Hamza SML
  • JDW SML Unit-2
  • JDW SML Unit-3
  • Mirza SML
  • Shakarganj SML
  • Sheikhoo SML
  • Ramzan SML
  • Al-Arabia SML
  • Adam SML
  • Chashma SML Unit-1
  • Chashma SML Unit-2
  • Faran SML
  • Almoiz SML Unit-1
  • JDW SML Unit-2
  • Noon SML
  • Gulf SML